Friday, April 20, 2012

How I began updating my girls' bathroom

A couple months ago, my daughters were getting ready for bed while I fed my son. Everything was quiet after a bit and I thought everyone had gone to bed. My husband and I were watching TV when we heard an enormous crash followed by a child's cries. We looked at each other in alarm and raced to see what had happened. My sweet Olivia was walking into the bathroom when the mirror fell off the wall. Thankfully, she sustained only minor scratches which I cleaned up while my husband took care of the mirror shards.

Since then, no mirror has hung in the bathroom. Not long after the Big Scary Falling Mirror, we found a dresser mirror at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for $15. Since it had nothing on the back to hang it up, it sat in the garage. And there was another issue. The bathroom is green. It's a nice, minty, cheerful color that isn't offensive or particularly noteworthy. The mirror is purple. It's not just purple, it's two different colors of purple with an odd shell decoration. I didn't want to hang the two-tone purple mirror in the minty green bathroom without changing one or both.

I got tired of having no mirror in the bathroom. So I obsessively and futilely checked the oops paint section at Home Depot every time I went anywhere near enough to stop in. I measured and marked the mirror and the wall in preparation to hang it. In order to get my husband more involved, I left the mirror in the hallway outside the bathroom door.

Then my husband went with a group of guys from Rock Brook Church and spent last weekend playing with chainsaws to benefit Woodland Acres Bible Camp. As soon as he was gone, I noticed the mirror was in our bedroom, leaning on the front of my dresser. I moved it to block his dresser instead, since he wouldn't need to access it until he came home. He wasn't happy to see it when he got home.

I love my husband and I don't want a mirror to come between us. That is why, today, I went to Westlake and bought a mirror mounting kit for $4.

Maybe the sight of the green and purple together will motivate me to finally move the bathroom project to the top of the to-do list.

Hideous, isn't it? Of course, my girls absolutely adore it.

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